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Ep07 – Clappin and Strippin

The Salty crew is back to tell everyone how to think. Listening to this episode will have you clapping like you’re in a strip club and we’ll get you a Presidential Pardon if anything goes wrong. Frank talks Hunter Biden but it’s a mess.

Ep06 – You Can’t Handle the Truth

Cmdr. Justin Henderson, an attorney for Cmdr. Bryce Benson in the aftermath of the USS Fitzgerald collision, joins the show to discuss the case. He speaks for himself or as counsel, but never for the Navy, DoD, the US or Frank. *** If you have not seen Avengers: End Game, you may want to jump to 5:20 to avoid any spoilers.

Ep05 – Cowards and Canoodlers with Cameras

Your favorite fellas blow off some steam discussing the chumps in Marines United, the various folks in the Middle East and end up talking about the 2020 Presidential election. It was a day.

Ep04 – Invasion of the ConsWahoo

Bryan McGrath, The Conservative Wahoo, invades Salt Force One to discuss the fatal accidents of the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain and the subsequent trials. Also, we touch on Game of Thrones because it’s required by law.

Ep03 – The 5Gs and Poo Parades

We’ve got the 5Gs. We’ve got the WiFi’s. You need a new technology? We’ve got you. Plus, we’ve got poo parades and listener questions.

Ep02 – Everyone Hates Salty

Special guest Fly-boy Graham comes aboard to tell us how bad we are at everything we do and we discover Salty’s deep, dark origin story.

Ep01 – The Saltening

The official launch of Salt Force One. We talk a lot about the Navy and other topics as Paper Commander Jimmy tried to teach civvie Frank some things.