Ep13 – Satan, Jesus and Blueberries

Rust is all gone and the Salt is back. We discuss Satan’s ascent in the Navy, Jesus’s potential descent and blueberries igniting like gas-soaked-rags. Jimmy makes sure to sprinkle in some happy Navy news.

One comment on “Ep13 – Satan, Jesus and Blueberries

  1. Dan James (ETCS/SS) says:

    I know this is an old podcast but I just found you guys and am doing some catch up listening. This in in regards to the Torpedoman’s Mate (TM) rating merge with the Machinist’s Mate (MM) rating. I retired in 1997 after serving on four submarines and went through that whole merger stuff. The Navy was trying to make things “easier” and bring rates with similar tasking together. My rate, Electronics Technician, absorbed Radioman, Quartermaster, and Interior Communications Electrician. MMs absorbed the TMs because they both dealt with air and hydraulics systems, etc. Brilliant, eh? It’s good to hear that the TMs are getting their rating symbol back because they should be separated from the MMs whose jobs, although at the nuts and bolts level are similar, are actually completely different.
    Liking your podcast so far. I’ve been looking for something US Navy related and stumbled on yours from another one. I enjoy the news with levity and that at least one of you has the requisite Navy background. I also listen to Zero Blog Thirty and love it because it brings the news but doesn’t make me want to cry when I hear it.
    Keep up the good work.

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